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Bespoke solutions to manage funds, ensure optimal management, and enhance performance. At Ultima Markets, we offer PAMM/ MAM solutions that are flexible, effective and transparent.

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What is PAMM/MAM?


Percentage Allocation Management Module, commonly referred to as Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM), is a pooled fund allowing investors to allocate their capital to qualified traders or money managers of their choice. These qualified individuals are often termed managers or masters and earn incentives based on the profits generated from managing investments. Meanwhile, the individuals allocating their capital are referred to as clients or investors.


Multi-Account Manager (MAM) is commonly used by fund managers to manage multiple trading accounts to execute trades on Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and more on behalf of their clients. Fund managers may earn performance fees by delivering exceptional performance through management of their client's account. With MAM, clients may profit from their accounts being managed by Ultima Market's authorised traders.

How does a PAMM/MAM work?

The robust PAMM/MAM capability of Ultima Markets enables a single fund manager to handle a pool of funds or multiple trading accounts efficiently.

Here is how PAMM works:

Here is how MAM works:

Why choose Ultima Markets’PAMM/MAM ?

Ultima Markets provides robust features that deliver a goal-driven experience to both fund managers and clients.


  • Tailored solutions that offer flexibility to fund managers

  • Customisable rewards, fees and commissions

  • STP access and instant allocation

  • Expert Advisor compatibility


  • Automatic onboarding

  • Easy deposit and withdrawal as well as automation

  • Unlimited investor admission to funds

  • Refined web-based interface

  • Autonomous control over fund manager trading decision


  • Transparency of entry and exit prices

  • Real-time order management and instant fund allocation

  • Standardised equity allocation method

  • Full-fledged functionality of master account

  • Minimum trade volume limit for optimal trade allocation

How to join Ultima
Markets' PAMM/MAM?

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    Join Ultima Markets as one of the leading multi-asset brokers by completing the registration form and verifying your account.
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    Request a PAMM/ MAM account

    Send a request for a Money Manager PAMM/MAM account to [email protected]
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    Start Earning

    Register your investor accounts, set the terms, and start trading.

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